Week of: May 24-30, 2004

USOC Names Coaches of the Year

The United States Olympic Committee has named Klaus Balkenhol as the National Coach of the Year and David O'Connor as the Developmental Coach of the Year.

As the U.S. dressage coach for the World Cup Dressage Finals in 2003, Balkenhol helped lead Debbie McDonald, riding Brentina, to victory, while the other two American riders placed within the top six places. In addition, Balkenhol was the coach and chef d'equipe for the U.S. team for CDIO Aachen, where the team earned the Silver medal and individuals placed second and third.

Balkenhol was also the dressage coach for the American team at the World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain, in 2002, where the team took the Silver medal, making that year's team the first-ever to win the Silver medal in dressage at a World Equestrian Games. And in 2001, the United States Equestrian Team (USET) named Balkenhol as dressage coach. Around that time, he also served as a technical advisor for the USET.

An accomplished rider himself, Balkenhol has gone from being a mounted police officer in Dusseldorf , Germany , to being an Olympic champion. His Olympic victories include Team Gold and Individual Bronze medals at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics riding the Westphalian gelding Goldstern. He has held the German national dressage title five times. As the German dressage team and individual trainer, Balkenhol has worked with 2000 Gold medalists Nadine Capellmann, Ulla Salzgeber and Alexandra Simmons de Ridder. Other riding accomplishments include a Team Gold medal and an Individual Silver medal at the 1994 World Equestrian Games, and Gold and Silver medals in the 1991, 1993 and 1995 European Championships.

O'Connor wowed audiences when he won the Individual Gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics riding Custom Made, becoming the first American to win an Olympic Gold medal since 1984. His score was the best in Olympic eventing history. During that Olympics, he also rode Giltedge to help the USET capture the Team Bronze medal. During the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, crowds watched O'Connor, his wife Karen, and their teammates bring home the Team Silver medal. In addition to his Olympic medals, O'Connor has won numerous international events. In 1997, he became the second American to win the Badminton Horse Trials CCI**** in 49 years. In the same year, he won the USET Three-Day Event Fall Championship at the Fair Hill CCI*** in Maryland aboard Giltedge and placed second on Lightfoot. He has totaled six victories at the Fair Hill event. His international wins continued in 1999 when he won Team Gold and Individual Silver medals at the Pa! n American Games in Winnepeg , Canada , and placed first at Chatsworth CIC in England . O'Connor is familiar with another top international event, the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event in Lexington . He won Rolex aboard Wilton Fair in 1990, won aboard Custom Made in 1995 and placed second aboard Rattle and Hum in 2000.

His awards include United States Combined Training Association Rider of the Year and United States Olympic Committee Male Athlete of the Month in 1997, Equestrian of the Year in 2000 and 2002, and the Steinkraus Trophy and the Sportsmanship Award in 2002. O'Connor is currently the President of the United States Equestrian Federation, the National Governing Body of equestrian sport.

Show Jumping Selection Trials to air on OLN and USA Network-

The Show Jumping Selection Trials from Del Mar, California will air on Outdoor Life Network (OLN) on Sunday, June 27, 5:00-6:00PM ET .

USEF/Markel Young Horse Dressage Selection Trials- Sponsored by Markel Insurance Company

Three USEF Selection Trials for the 2004 FEI World Breeding Championships for Young Horses in Dressage were held concurrently May 28 Ď 30 in Allentown , NJ , Wayne , IL , and Flintridge , CA . Results of each Selection Trial are as follows, which includes U.S.-bred horses winning an unprecedented three Championship titles:

EASTERN (ESDCTA Memorial Weekend Dressage, Allentown , NJ ):

Five-Year-Old Champion: ROYAL PRINCE 9.82

Dark Bay Hanoverian Stallion (Rohdiamant -Piri Piri by Prince Thatch xx)
Bred in Germany by Fredl Schaefer   

Ridden by Susanne Owen Hassler, owned by Hilltop Farm, Inc. (MD)

Five-Year-Old Reserve Champion: SIR SINCLAIR 8.98

Bay Dutch Warmblood Stallion (Lord Sinclair I -Krishna by Flemmingh)
Bred in the Netherlands by M. Drohn

Ridden by Dorie Addy-Crow, owned by Iron Spring Farm, Inc. (PA)

Six-Year-Old Champion: RAISON D'ETRE 7.20

Chestnut American Warmblood Gelding (Regulus - Little Doozie by Uzi)
Bred in the United States by Dreamtime Farm, Inc. (KY)

Ridden & owned by Elly Schobel (SC)

Six-Year-Old Reserve Champion: RYKAARD 7.18

Bay Dutch Warmblood Gelding ( Kimberley - Milonia by Caruso)
Bred in the Netherlands by J. J. Knijp

Ridden & owned by Ashley Fornell (PA)

CENTRAL (Dressage at Lamplight, Wayne , Illinois ):

Five-Year-Old Champion: C VENTURA 7.20

Bay American Warmblood Gelding (Kabaret - Miss Mac Favor xx by Gallant L.B.)
Bred in the United States by Wild Horse Hill (MN)

Ridden & owned by Missy Ellison (NE)

Five-Year-Old Reserve Champion: SAVANNA 7.10

Bay Dutch Warmblood Mare (Jazz - Wanna by Doruto)
Bred in the Netherlands by St. Proefbr. Paardenhoudery

Ridden & owned by Dr. Katie Stanton (IN)

Six-Year-Old Champion: RUMOR 6.96

Bay Dutch Warmblood Gelding (Metall - Flash)
Bred in the Netherlands by A. Van Ommeren

Ridden & owned by Jennifer Conour (IN)

WESTERN (Dressage at Flintridge, Flintridge , California ):

Five-Year-Old Champion: LUMINENCE 8.20

Grey Oldenburg Gelding (Leonidas - Willa)
Bred in the United States by Hilda Gurney (CA)

Ridden by Hilda Gurney, owned by Dr. Mary Contakos (CA)

Five-Year-Old Reserve Champion: SETTINO 8.14

Brown Dutch Warmblood Gelding (Jetset D - Vanessa by Le Val Blanc)
Bred in the Netherlands by Fam. Van Raamsdonk   

Ridden by Gina Duran, owned by Laura Brandt (CA)

Six-Year-Old Champion: CONTESTER 7.62

Bay Holsteiner Stallion (Contender - Flilianes)
Bred in Germany by Gestuet Chouelottenhof

Ridden by Nicole Perry, owned by Adara Partners (CA)

Six-Year-Old Reserve Champion: REMY MARTIN 7.48

Bay Dutch Warmblood Gelding (Inferno - Iris)
Bred in the Netherlands by P. Rijnen

Ridden & owned by Marisa Festerling (CA)

Horses which competed in the Finals class of these Selection Trials in their respective age division, and earned a score of 7.5 or better, qualify for the Young Horse Short List for the World Breeding Championships. These qualifiers are in addition to any U.S. horses which fulfill international specifications for qualification. The FEI World Breeding Championships will be held July 9 Ď 11, 2004 in Verden , Germany . The United States will be allowed two (2) representatives in each age division (Five- and Six-Year-Old).

This Young Horse Short List includes:


ROYAL PRINCE 9.82 (Eastern Selection Trial)

Dark Bay Hanoverian Stallion (Rohdiamant - Piri Piri by Prince Thatch xx)
Bred in Germany by Fredl Schaefer

Owned by HILLTOP FARM, INC., Colora, MD

SIR SINCLAIR 8.98 (Eastern Selection Trial)

Bay Dutch Warmblood Stallion (Lord Sinclair I - Krishna by Flemmingh)
Bred in the Netherlands by M. Drohn

Owned by IRON SPRING FARM, INC., Coatesville , PA

LUMINENCE 8.20 (Western Selection Trial)

Grey Oldenburg Gelding (Leonidas - Willa)
Bred in United States by Hilda Gurney

Owned by DR. MARY CONTAKOS, Moorpark , CA

SETTINO 8.14 (Western Selection Trial)

Brown Dutch Warmblood Gelding (Jetset D Ď Vanessa by Le Val Blanc)

Bred in the Netherlands by Fam. Van Raamsdonk

Owned by LAURA BRANDT, Saratoga , CA

ROSSINI M 7.76 (Eastern Selection Trial)

Chestnut Hanoverian Gelding (Regazzoni - Davina by Davignoni)
Bred in Germany by Klaus Detje

Owned by DIANA MUKPO, Providence , RI

DON DEVERE 7.60 (Western Selection Trial)

Bay Oldenburg Gelding (Don Schufro - Luisa)
Bred in Germany by Fritz Linse

Owned by MAYDO LORIMER, Oakland , CA


BUGATTI HILLTOP 8.55 (International Qualification)

Black Hanoverian Stallion (Bergamon - Raffinesse by Rubinstein I)
Bred in Germany by Ingo Pape

Owned by HILLTOP FARM, INC., Colora, MD

CONTESTER 7.62 (Western Selection Trial)

Bay Holsteiner Stallion (Contender - Flilianes)
Bred in Germany by Gestuet Chouelottenhof

Owned by ADARA PARTNERS, Woodside , CA

For more information, please contact Jennifer Keeler , Sport Manager - Dressage, by phone (859) 225-2024 or jkeeler@usef.org .


Foreign FEI Competitions:

NOTE: Placings after 10th if any, are not included in these results

May 27-30, 2004

CSIO***** Rome (ITA) -2nd Samsung Super League competition

Class 1, 1.40 m

7 th Candice King and Glenn CH

Class 2, 1.45 m

5 th Candice King and Gosse D'Orion (SF, Galoubet A - Udelle d'Orion)

8 th Allegiance (KWPN, Animo - Gosseline) and Laura Kraut

Class 3, 1.50 m

10 th Candice King and Verelst Camillo V (HOL, Calando I - )

Class 5, 1.40 m

8 th Candice King and Glenn CH

Nation's Cup, 1.50 m

4 th (tie with Germany and France ) Team consisted of Kimberly Frey and Marlou (KWPN, Jus de Pommes - Hippy) Judy Garofalo and Oliver III (SWB, Irco Marco 662 - Mon Amie), Sheila Burke and Caya and Laura Kraut and Anthem (KWPN, Dutchboy - Ecvalan)


Class 7, 1.45 m

9 th Laura Kraut and Allegiance

Class 10, 1.45 m

7 th Judy Garofalo and Kartouch


May 28-30, 2004

CSI**** Wiesbaden (GER)

Class 4, 1.40 m

6 th Peter Wylde and Corona

Championship of Wiesbaden (Individual), 1.55 m

10 th Peter Wylde and Pinocchio (WES, Pinocchio - Narcotique Royal)

Championship of Wiesbaden (Team) 1.55 m

5 th Aegon Equestrian Team consisting of Peter Wylde and Pinocchio, Thomas Muhlbauer (GER) and Asti Spumante and Beat Mandli (SUI) and L.B. Oh Harry


Hunter/Jumper Scene:

DEVON           5/27-6/5/04        Devon , PA

  • $10,000 SJHOF Junior Jumper Classic-CANTUS ANUBERTH II (KWPN, Cantus - J Anuberth) owned and ridden by Addison Phillips
  • $5,000 Open Jumper Classic-LITTLE BIG MAN (KWPN, Topas - Hillkeney) owned and ridden by Laura Chapot
  • Small Junior 15 and Under-DOUBLE CINCO (WES, Argentinus - Carmen) owned and ridden by Lexi Reed
  • Small Junior 16-17-REMEMBER ME (HAN, Raphael - Saline) owned and ridden by Kendle Handtman
  • Large Junior 15 and Under-CAPED CRUSADER (TB, Academy Award - Timeforaturn, bred in US by Peter E. Blum) ridden by Jack Hardin Towell, owned by E liz abeth Frady
  • Large Junior 16-17-NAVIGATOR ridden by Megan Young, owned by Manhattan Mortgate Co.
  • Small Pony-FAR FROM HOME ridden by Alexandra Arute, owned by Megan Davis
  • Medium Pony-LONGACRE JACK B NIMBLE (WEL/ARAB, Golden Jubilee - My Fair Lady) ridden by Schaefer Raposa, owned by Jacqueline Di Galoma
  • Large Pony-LISETER CLEVER STAR (WEL/TB, Liseter Star Jasper - Clever Caution) ridden by Jessica Springsteen, owned by Stone Hill Farm

HITS ON THE HUDSON       5/26-30/04      Saugerties , NY

  • $75,000 HITS Grand Prix-PROFOX (RHI, Pro Ratio - SPS Fantasie) ridden by Chris Kappler, owned by Jorgen Winroth
  • $25,000 HITS Grand Prix-PRIMEUR 58 ridden by Chris Kappler, owned by the Kamine Family and Chris Kappler
  • JR/AO Jumper Classic (high)-PRINCIPAL (BWP, Concorde - Katinka van Thornesele) owned and ridden by Christine Hill
  • JR/AO Jumper Classic (low)-LAZELLE ridden by Hillary Dobbs, owned by North Run
  • M/S Adult Jumper Classic-ROSCOE (HOL, Capitol I - Tie Fe) owned and ridden by Kimberly Jungherr
  • M/S Children's Jumper Classic-TIPITINA owned and ridden by Shannon McGrath
  • M/S Adult Amateur Hunter Classic-TELL THE TRUTH owned and ridden by Trish Bookbinder
  • M/S Children's Hunter Classic-LION KING owned and ridden by Lindsey Mohr
  • M/S Amateur Owner Hunter Classic-ANOTHER AFFAIR owned and ridden by Diane DiCastro
  • M/S Junior Hunter Classic-ALLEGIANCE owned and ridden by Heather Dobbs
  • 1 st Year Green-GANDOLF ridden by Jennifer Alfano, owned by Helen Lenehan
  • 2 nd Year Green-ENOUGH ridden by Jennifer Alfano, owned by SBS Farm
  • Regular Working-BLU WHO ridden by Michael Kirby, owned by Laura Bluher
  • Amateur Owner 18-35- BODACIOUS owned and ridden by Margot Peroni
  • Amateur Owner 36+-MAGICAL LIFE (TB, Life Interest - Magical Powers) owned and ridden by Michelle Perla
  • Small Junior-ALLEGIANCE owned and ridden by Heather Dobbs
  • Large Junior-VALENTINO owned and ridden by Sydney Adler
  • Small Pony-CLOVERCROFT'S MY KINDA GUY (WEL, Cloe Olympia - Gayfield's Runaround) ridden by Sarah Garnett, owned by Melanie Garnett
  • Medium Pony-UP TILL DAWN (WEL/TB, Blue Rain - Apricot Hill) ridden by Kaitlyn Campbell, owned by Patty Miller
  • Large Pony-CHINA (WEL/TB, Alra Blue Radiance - Bobbie) ridden by Lia Polin, owned by Patty Baker
  • Adult Amateur 18-35-NEVADA owned and ridden by Deidre Catani
  • Adult Amateur 36-40-WHAT WAS I THINKING ridden by Debbie Muhlig-Norris, owned by Redfield Farm
  • Adult Amateur 41+-LEAN ON ME owned and ridden by Trish Bookbinder

NASHVILLE COUNTRY       5/26-30/04        Franklin , TN

  • $10,000 Mini Prix-LORO PIANA GORGIAS (HAN, Gimpel - Erlengoettin) ridden by Erin McCabe, owned by GEM Stables
  • $1,500 JR/AO Jumper Classic-SHOGUN owned and ridden by Melissa Murphy
  • $1,000 Brownland Pony Hunter Classic-FANCY PANTS (Hidden Creek Rain Fox - Fancy) owned and ridden by Victoria Lee
  • Green Working-OVERSEAS (BWP, Uzelien - Cardamone)
  • ridden by Phoebe Sheets, owned by Mindy Wurzburg
  • Regular Working-HOLY SMOKES (KWPN, Samber - Asja) ridden by Valerie Lowe, owned by Amanda Kaplan
  • Amateur Owner- MONTE CRISTO (KWPN, Gershwin - Hester) ridden by Jamie Plank Martin, owned by Providence Hill Farm
  • Small Junior-LAURYN HILL ridden by Caroline Searcy, owned by Flying Hill Farm
  • Large Junior-VICTORIA owned and ridden by Rachel Tulipan
  • Green Pony-JUST JACK owned and ridden by Susan Wilson
  • Small Pony-MINI ME owned and ridden by Rebecca Hunter
  • Medium Pony-PEN PAL owned and ridden by Kaitlyn Smith
  • Large Pony-FANCY PANTS owned and ridden by Vicotria Lee
  • Adult Amateur 18-35-PERFECT GENTLEMAN owned and ridden by Jill Harris
  • Adult Amateur 35+-WHITECAP (TRA, Lamarc - Grenda bred by Gestuet Ganschow) ridden by Jamie Plank Martin, owned by Providence Hill Farm
  • Children's 14 and Under-WOODLEY PARK owned and ridden by Amber Nixon
  • Children's 15-17-WELL DECORATED (TB, Well Decorated - Profound Peace)owned and ridden by Virginia Deaton

LAS COLINAS SOUTHWEST CLASSIC     5/26-30/04      Irving , TX

  • $20,000 Las Colinas Grand Prix-L WAOLA (KWPN, Topas - Ewaola) owned and ridden by Tony Font
  • Regular Working-CAMPINO ridden by Julie Cleveland, owned by Meredith Mendenhall
  • Green Working and Amatuer Owner-TITLEIST 8 (KWPNx, Graf Gotthard - Alate Valentine, bred by Dale Fifield, CA)
  • ridden by Didi McKenzie, owned by M/M Ken McKenzie
  • Green Conformation-ROGAL Z (DWB, Royal II Z - Twiggy) ridden by Kirk Berlin , owned by Sherry Atherton
  • Small Junior-MORE MALARKEY (TB, Ringside - Maxie's Bonita, bred in Canada ) ridden by Kelsey Baker, owned by Oxford Holding Co.
  • Large Junior-CR GALILEO owned and ridden by Bailey Anderson
  • Medium Pony-BLUE PRINT (WEL, Carolinas Red Fox - Clarwoods Legal Document) owned and ridden by Mary Katherine Atkins
  • Small/Large Pony-MADAM ALEXANDER (Friars Brenin Dafydd - Clay County ) owned and ridden by Ashley Anderson
  • Green Pony-WESTPORT ridden by Lindsey George, owned by Shane George
  • Children's 13 and Under-MEMPHIS owned and ridden by Caroline Donnally
  • Children's 14-17-BLUE OCTOBER owned and ridden by Sterling Kincannon
  • Adult Amateur 18-35-T-NOTE ridden by Abby Converse, owned by GGEM
  • Adult Amateur 36-46-CADET LEXINGTON owned and ridden by Ann Johnson
  • Adult Amateur 47+-FIRST MONDAY (PHR, Cold Reception Ď Krystal, bred by Howard Gillman) ridden by Johnnie Martin-Carey, owned by Meghan Barry

Leading Sires (as of 6/3/04 )

  • Andalusian█URGULLOSO IV
  • Arabian█SHUGAK (Lea Baron - SRF Lauramaar)
  • Dressage█WELTMEYER (HAN, World Cup I - Anka)
  • Dressage Breeding█ALLA' CZAR (KWPN, Zeus - Renetta)
  • Eventing█COZY'S COMMANDER (CSH, Cozy Joe - Penelopy)
  • Half Arabian█BRASS (*Bask - Tsanar)
  • Hunter█VOLTAIRE (HAN, Furioso II - Gogo Moeve)
  • Hunter Breeding█ALLA' CZAR (KWPN, Zeus - Renetta)
  • Jumper█GUIDAM (SF, Quidam de Revel - Fougere)
  • South Pacific Memorial Award presented by Joan Irvine Smith and The Oaks to the highest ranking US-based jumper sire█CONSUL (KWPN, Nimmerdor - Waloniki)
  • Morgan█SHARPSHOOTER (Beamington - Tiffin First Lady)
  • National Show Horse █LOOKEN GOOD (Gazort - Genina's Gracious Command)
  • Paso Fino█GRAN CHUCUANO DONDE ES (Plebeyo - Escoba que tal)
  • Pony Hunter Breeding█ TELYNAU ELGAR (WEL, Eyarth Rio - Saxon Esther)
  • Pony Hunter█GAYFIELDS VIDA BLUE (WEL, Findeln Blue Danube - Pickwick Shan)
  • Pony Jumper█TOP GUN I (WES, Rosedale Tiberius - Chanel)
  • Reining, Western, Trail█DOCS KING CHEX (AQHA, Doc Bar - Kingetta Chex)
  • Roadster--
  • Saddlebred█SUPREME HEIR (Supreme Sultan - CH Supreme Airs)
  • Welsh█ GAYFIELDS BIG EASY (Sleight of Hand - Louisiana Lagniappe)

Leading Breeders (as of 6/3/04 )

  • Andalusian█PATRICIA D. GARRISON, Thousand Oaks , CA
  • Arabian█JANICE A BOSWELL, Hephzibah , GA
  • Dressage█IRON SPRING FARM, Coatesville, PA
  • Dressage Breeding█LISA COLETTO-COHEN, Queen Creek , AZ
  • Eventing█DOUG DEAN, Princeville, CAN
  • Hackney█CHARLOTTE CARTER, Winston Salem , NC
  • Half Arabian█RODGER KIEPE, Flat River , MO
  • Hunter█DR. DANIEL V FLYNN, Charlottesville , VA
  • Hunter Breeding█SILVERHORNE SPORTHORSE LLC, Gold River , CA
  • Jumper█IRON SPRING FARM, Coatesville , PA
  • Morgan--
  • National Show Horse █ALAN S. DAHART, Jemez Springs, NM
  • Paso Fino█LUCY S GODENAY, Swanton , OH
  • Pony Hunter Breeding█ SUSAN HANSEN, Philadelphia , PA
  • Pony Hunter█MARILYN CHECKI, Franksville , WI
  • Pony Jumper--
  • Reining, Western, Trail--
  • Roadster--
  • Saddlebred█CALLAWAY HILLS, Jefferson City , MO
  • Welsh█ Dr. RUTH WILBURN DVM, Olive Branch, MS

Leading Sire lists are updated daily. Visit the website at http://www.usef.org/content/pointsAwards/2004/leadingSires.php .

Leading Breeder lists are updated daily. Visit the website at http://www.usef.org/content/pointsAwards/2004/leadingBreeders.php .

US Equestrian Foundation website: www.usef.org

U.S. Equestrian Inc., as the National Equestrian Federation of the U.S., is the regulatory body for the Olympic and World Championship sports of dressage, driving, endurance, eventing, reining, show jumping, and vaulting, as well as 19 other breeds and disciplines of equestrian competition. As the country╠s largest multi-breed organization, the Federation has over 80,000 members and recognizes more than 2,800 competitions nationwide each year. It governs all aspects of competition, including educating and licensing all judges, stewards, and technical delegates who officiate at these shows.


The vision of U.S. Equestrian is to provide leadership for equestrian sport in the United States of America, promoting the pursuit of excellence from the grass roots to the Olympic Games, based on a foundation of fair, safe competition and the welfare of its horses, and embracing this vision, to be the best national equestrian federation in the world.


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