Jacksonville A to Z Finale- Alissa Kinsey & Grisset Share a Spotlight and
Meg O’Mara Does It Her Way with Sinatra IV

Green Cove Springs, FL—January 29, 2011—

Show Jumping action took center stage for the finale of the Jacksonville Winter Series. Starting with the $10,000 Children- Adult Jumper Classic, sponsored by Cedar Street Advisors, it was the Sunshine State’s own Alissa Kinsey from Ft Myers and phenom mare Grisset taking the top spot.

Alissa Kinsey & Grisset
Photo: Flashpoint

Dave Ballard of Olympic fame took over course designing honors for this final week of competition and created layouts that both tested exhibitors and took spectators breath away at times. A starting field of 27 crossed through the in gate on Saturday afternoon with high hopes of claiming the big prize in the $10,000 Cedar Street Advisors Children-Adult Jumper Classic. Nearly half survived the 68 second limited twisty 12 obstacle first round to advance into the dash for the cash jump off. Kinsey and her brilliant 14 year-old Hanoverian mare, Grisset, posted a clean time of 61.400 – the fastest in the first round. From the 13 to return, Kinsey was about half way down the list at 7th giving her the opportunity to check out her competitors and plan a strategy. The grand plan appeared simple, go fast and leave all the rails up in under the allotted 42 seconds. Rider-owner Melissa Woodson of Highlands, NJ riding Spring Heeled Jack posted the first clean time of 30.811 and took command of the leader board until Kinsey and Grisset blazed into the arena and landed a clean time of 30.358 with six horses to follow. Despite truly valiant efforts, when the dust settled it was Kinsey and Grisset holding on to the top spot.

Official Results for the $10,000 Cedar Street Advisors Children-Adult Jumper Classic:
1st Grisset with owner-rider Alissa Kinsey 30.358
2nd Spring Heeled Jack with owner-rider Melissa Woodson 30.811
3rd Vriendje with Cilia Ghaibi for owner Imad Ghaibi 30.855
4th Frivole Des Pres with owner-rider Natalya Jarczyk 32.101
5th Clarissa Z with owner-rider Diane Binswanger 33.355
6th Deltry Regality with owner-rider Tracy Mathews 37.322
7th Miss Scarlett with owner-rider Camryn Hulsey 33.998 4 Faults
8th Caretina with owner-rider Alissa Kinsey 34.042 4 Faults
9th Wolanda with owner-rider Keri Guanciale 34.313 4 Faults
10th Gypsy Rose with owner-rider Julianne Bickerton 42.067 4 Faults
11th Jaspis with Larry Antonini for owner Mary Antonini 42.893 4 Faults
12th Lucky Lou with owner-rider Larry Antonini 49.205 12 Faults

After nearly a week of observation, course designer Dave Ballard took all he learned and applied it to a winding 13 obstacle-16 effort test with a time allowance of 84 seconds for Saturday evening’s $25,000 North Florida Hunter Jumper Association Grand Prix, sponsored by Cedar Street Advisors. With a who’s who list of 21 starters, such as North America’s most winning Prix rider Aaron Vale and Canada’s best export Hugh Graham, no one could predict the outcome. Lebanon, OH based Wilhelm Genn had three mounts, including last week’s victor the charismatic Happy Z –who boast the most prix wins for a mare in North America- the dynamic duo scored the first clean ride with a time of 80.794.

Meg O’Mara & Sinatra IV
Photo: Flashpoint

And just when it looked like a runaway win for Genn, 15 year-old Meg O’Mara of Rumson, NJ blasted into the arena with Sinatra IV (owned by Donald Stewart) and brought the crowd to a roar with their amazing clear round in 78.402. A jump off was assured. “It was really tough!”an overjoyed O’Mara described the first layout, “It started out with a roll back and then it was really forward. Sinatra doesn’t’ have the longest stride so I have to always ride him down the line harder. There were a lot of turns that aren’t natural for a horse.” When none of the remaining field succeeded in advancing, the jump off took on the look of a horse race as both competitors share a reputation for being swift of hoof. O’Mara confessed to a case of nerves being in competition with the likes of Genn, Vale, and Graham. “In the schooling ring I feel a bit intimidated; worried I’m in their way. I’m not cocky at all, I was 18th going so I figure I’ll just go in and try to get around the course. This is my second big grand prix.”

The finale round of 7 elements began as the first with roll back off of oxer #1 to a tall #2 vertical and preceded to the combination of 4AB [oxer to vertical] ,that had taken out many in the first round, on to the #5 vertical and a sweeping turn back to the #7 oxer and a fast gallop to clear the #15 oxer – all in under 36 seconds. The stage was set for a great duel of handy speed horses. Genn and Happy Z made short order of the course posting a fast clear ride of 32.663. The challenge was set for O’Mara and Sinatra IV, the 10 year-old Belgium bred gelding who she’s celebrating the one year anniversary of their partnership with this week. “Both of these horses [Happy and Sinatra] are very careful. I knew that and…second would have been amazing too! I was just going to go in and have fun.” O’Mara said with a broad smile. Her fun attitude and Sinatra’s sure footed style landed the pair a victory with a clean time of 31.296. “He’s [Sinatra] the best horse ever! He was so good!” O’Mara gushed of her partner as friends and well wishers gathered round to congratulate her. Once she catches her breath, O’Mara and Sinatra will next head to Ocala and Wellington for more competition or as she views it, “more fun”.

Official Results of the $25,000 North Florida Hunter Jumper Association Grand Prix:
1st Sinatra IV with Meg O’Mara for owner Donald Stewart 31.296
2nd Happy Z with owner-rider Wilhelm Genn 32.663
3rd Weltino B with Aaron Vale for owner Thinks Like A Horse 80.048 4 Faults
4th Ariado with Theo Genn for owner Abby Albritton 80.354 4 Faults
5th Paparazzi 10 with Aaron Vale for owner Thinks Like A Horse 80.694 4 Faults
6th Kalinero du Galete with Wilhelm Genn for owner Whitney Goulart 80.920 4 Faults
7th L’Etoile with Theo Genn for owner The L’Etoile Group, LLC 81.651 4 Faults
8th Coco with Michelle Spadone for owner Redfield Farm 82.553 4 Faults
9th Gerona 92 with Mary Lisa Leffler for owner Rolling Acres 82.842 4 Faults
10th Anton with owner-rider Francois Lamontagne 85.842 2 Faults
11th Lucky One with Vick Russell for owner Lillian Hahn 87.379 4 Faults
12th Copyright 3 with owner-rider Wilhelm Genn 84.162 5 Faults

For complete results of the 2011 Jacksonville Winter Series and all the Circuit Champions please visit www.classiccompany.com


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