Deep Field to Contest USEF Selection Trials for Show Jumping

Wellington, FL - Feb. 27, 2008

Regardless of discipline, things look pretty good when all four members of the Gold Medal winning team from the 2004 Olympic Games line up to vie for a spot on the team in 2008.

Hello show jumpers!

Reigning Gold medalists: Beezie Madden, McLain Ward, Peter Wylde and Chris Kappler are among the 41 entered in the USEF Selection Trials for the 2008 Olympic Team in Show Jumping to take place at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, FL February 28- March 9.

Proving once again that in equestrian sports, experience can compete alongside youth, this field not only includes 59-year-old Team and Individual Gold Medalist from the 1984 Olympic Games, Joe Fargis, but also Harvard University freshman Addison Phillips.

In addition to the 2004 Gold medal winning team, the following other Olympic and Pan American medalists are also scheduled to compete in the Trials: Norman Dello Joio, Margie Engle, Lauren Hough, Anne Kursinski, Todd Minikus, and Cara Raether.

The USEF Selection Trials for Show Jumping sponsored by Hong Kong Tourism and Equine Motorcoach provide a proving ground for the country’s best horses and riders. Over two weeks and after five classes the picture will be clearer for the riders from the United States. Ten horse and rider combinations will be named to the short list and will travel to Europe to hone their skills and compete against the world’s best in preparation for the Olympic Games. Four horses will then wear the American flag in their quest to make history and bring home another Gold Medal.

It all starts this week in Wellington.


February 28, 7 pm
Trial 1, WEF Challenge

March 2, 1 pm
Trial 2, $100,000 Zada Enterprises Grand Prix

March 5, 7 pm
Trial 3, Selection Trial Horses Only

March 6, 7 pm
Trial 4, WEF Challenge

March 9, 1 pm
Trial 5, $150,000 CN US Open Grand Prix

U.S. Olympic Team - Show Jumping Medal History


2004 Athens: Gold
Peter Wylde /Fein Cera
McLain Ward/ Sapphire
Beezie Madden/ Authentic
Chris Kappler/Royal Kaliber

1996 Atlanta: Silver
Peter Leone /Legato
Anne Kursinski/Eros
Michael Matz/Rhum IV
Leslie Burr Howard/Extreme

1988 Seoul: Silver
Greg Best/Gem Twist
Lisa Jacquin/ For the Moment
Anne Kursinski/Starman
Joe Fargis/ Mill Pearl

1984 Los Angeles: Gold
Joe Fargis/Touch of Class
Conrad Homfeld/Abdullah
Leslie Burr Howard/Albany
Melanie Smith Taylor/Calypso

1972 Munich: Silver
Bill Steinkraus/Main Spring
Neal Shapiro/Sloopy, Kathy Kusner
Fleet Apple
Frank Chapot/White Lightning

1960 Rome: Silver
Frank Chapot/Trail Guide
Bill Steinkraus/Ksar d’Esprit
George Morris/Sinjon

1952 Helsinki: Bronze
Bill Steinkraus/Hollandia
Arthur J. McCashin/Miss Budweiser
John Russell/Democrat


2004 Athens: Gold
Chris Kappler/Royal Kaliber

1992 Barcelona: Bronze
Norman Dello Joio/Irish

1988 Seoul: Silver
Greg Best/Gem Twist

1984 Los Angeles:
Joe Fargis/Touch of Class

Conrad Homfeld/Abdullah
1972 Munich: Bronze
Neal Shapiro/Sloopy

1968 Mexico City: Gold
Bill Steinkraus/Snowbound

1932 Los Angeles: Silver
Harry Chamberlin/Show Girl

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