Please Help Tornado Victims and Equestrians in Iowa

Cedar Falls, IA -

The victims of the recent tornadoes in Iowa have lost almost everything they own, including their homes, barns, many horses and ponies, and all of their equipment. One of the local Pony Clubs in the area has started to collect items for those people and equines in need.

Two families have lost every single thing they own. The children are members of the Silver Bits Pony Club and the Club has taken on the job of helping these families.

They need first aid items for their horses, such as gauze, vet wrap, and antibiotic cream. Sheets for horses and ponies in all sizes are needed, and stable supplies (like new brushes, buckets, lead ropes, even new horse related toys for small children, horse equipment from hoof picks to halters, and any tack) would be very appreciated and is needed to replace what was lost. Any tack items which they cannot use will be sold to raise money for what they need.

For the families themselves, children's clothing is needed in girl’s sizes 14-16 and 10-12. Boys clothing in sizes 8-10 and 4-6 is also wanted. Riding clothes for any size children and adults is welcome. Please make sure that anything you send is clean and in excellent condition.

Gift cards from Target and Wal-Mart are very helpful since the stores are local and easy to get to. The families whose homes were destroyed do not have ANY household necessities and they will be starting from scratch. Please put “Silver Bit Pony Club” on the gift cards.

Please do what you can to help these families and fellow equestrians who have lost everything.

Any gifts and packages can be sent to:


Don't forget - please send only items that you would want to receive if you and your family were in the same situation. Thank you in advance for your kindness.



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