No Unwanted Horses in Wellington!

Equestrian Community in South Florida Rallies Around Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue as a united team.

Following Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue's record-breaking rescue of 163 horses from a horse auction in Ohio, the horse community in Wellington, FL - from international polo players to Olympic show jumpers and dressage riders to trail riders - has rallied to form a unified effort to say we will not tolerate the abuse and torture of horses.

Last week, a group of Florida farriers demonstrated their support in sweat and labor after a plea from Pure Thoughts supporter and volunteer Mandy Winkler. As a result of Mindy's call, a large group of some of the best farriers in South Florida showed up ready to file, rasp, and cinch their way through more than 50 horses. Despite high temperatures and unbearable humidity, the group of farriers, including Phillip Breault, Andrew Vaziri, Sid Bundy, Todd Monahan, Terry Ott and Paul Mitchell Young, treated each of these horses and ponies as if they were grand champions.

Pure Thoughts is extremely grateful to the work of the farriers who helped the horses last week. You have helped us show the world that each one of these horses is wanted.

"This is a horse loving community," said Wellington resident, equestrian, and Pure Thoughts supporter Victoria McCullough. "The hope in my heart that we had before rescuing all these horses is becoming a reality. This is an equestrian community in a horse nation and our community is rallying to help."

"This community has shown the country they we are all part of a team and we are defined by our actions in saving these horses," say Pure Thoughts co-founder Jennifer Swanson. "What started as our second annual rescue mission has turned into a message made loud and clear throughout the nation. We ARE here for the horses and we are NOT leaving. We do care and we will not tolerate the abuse and torture of these beautiful animals that have devoted their lives to our livelihood, entertainment, athletic competition, companionship and unconditional love."

"We have a message to kill buyers, pro-slaughter advocates and our legislators," said Swanson. "We will change horse slaughter and the gross inhumane treatment of these animals that starts at auction and the irresponsible and/or uncaring individuals that brought these horses there."

You have the power to help Pure Thoughts stop horse slaughter and the inhumane treatment involved. This rescue mission is an enormous undertaking and will be a long road. There are many ways you can help the horses on this journey. Even if you can't adopt a horse, there are many ways to help such as:

Donate temporary use of stalls or pasture
Sponsor horses

This is not a mission that can be done by one person or even one organization. It takes a team, and you can be a member of this team: TEAM HORSE

Join us on this mission to save horses and help us have more days like the one in May where... for one day ... all the horses were safe. To contribute you may go to the website or you may send a donation to Pure Thoughts Inc. 19181 Capet Creek Ct., Loxahatchee, FL 33470. You may also contact Jennifer at 561-254-0415 or click here to send Jennifer an email.

Pure Thoughts is an all volunteer 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of horses, yearlings and foals that were bound for the foreign owned slaughterhouses in our country. These horses would have been brutally tortured and slaughtered so that they could be served as a delicacy in foreign countries.

In addition we also rescue horses from starvation, abuse and neglect, any horse in need. We have saved over 975 innocent equines and as long as these cruel acts continue we will continue to fight for the horses. We cannot do this alone...we need your help!!
Please help us and others save these beautiful animals and please remember in your thoughts the ones we were unable to reach.



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