Kent Farrington Wins Zada Enterprises, LLC $40,000 Grand Prix at Littlewood

Littlewood Farm offered over $100,000 in prize money during their Spring I show.

The Zada Enterprises, LLC $40,000 Grand Prix at Littewood Farm was held on March 19, 2006. Kent Farrington and Up Chiqui owned by Javier Salvador/J. Greenleaf took the top prize. Only three other riders joined Farrington in the jump off. Henrik Gunderson riding Darvin Garbo came in second; Margie Engle and Hidden Creek's Alibi were third and Robin Sweely with Carlowclover was fourth.

Kent Farrington and Up Chiqui
Photo: Anne Gittins

When asked what part of the course did he find most difficult, and what was his plan to get through it successfully, Kent Farrington answered: "The triple was the most difficult part of the course. It required scope. My horse has a lot of scope. He is just starting. He has been in three Grand Prixs and won two of them. I wanted to get deep to A so I could kick at C. I wanted an easy distance."

Margie Engle responded to the same question saying: "The triple, it rode tight from A to B. Alibi has scope so I rode in easy, and pressed at B. It was tough being first in the jump off. I sliced too much and had a rail at the second jump. Then I slowed down a bit, but we were still the fastest of the four in the jump off."

Before the class started we asked Dave Ballard of Ontario, Canada who was the assistant course designer at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and 2000 Sydney Olympics, and who designed the Zada Enterprises $40,000 Grand Prix course a few questions.

Q: How are you testing the riders and horses today?
DB: This is a hard class. The horses haven‚t jumped big here this week in a welcome class, but many have been jumping all winter at WEF. The course needs to be high caliber because of the value of the class at $40K. I‚d like more to be clean. I‚d like ten in the jump off. Having more riders jump clean brings them back to this venue. As a course designer it‚s easy to be hard and hard to be easy. If it is too easy, riders are irritated with the course designer. I never want to beat up the horses in a course. Riders come here with horses that need experience.

Q: What is the most demanding part of the course?
DB: The line to the triple is the most demanding. It has two oxers which requires scope. I have two verticals before which flatten the horses and then the oxers require them to jump up with scope out of the combination. The line is short from A to B. It is a rideable distance, but I expect A and B down some. It is important to never hurt a horse in the triple or at a water jump. It is possible to ruin a good horse by trapping them in a triple or at the water jump.

Q: Is this course more technical or require more scope?
DB: This is a more technical course. The first part of the course rides short and then it is long to the triple combination.

Heather Timm and Manuela Del Juncal won the $20,000 Child/Adult Jumper Classic.

Maggie Mcalary and Pedro were First in the Dutta $5,000 High Jr/AO Classic.

Denise Monopoli on Bugatti owned by Teena Adriani won the $7,500 Panther Ridge Professional Hunter Classic.

Casey Hodges and Neo won the $7,500 Panther Ridge Child/ Adult Hunter Classic.

Alexis Iliadis Koutsikos and Stricktly Business won the Dutta $5,000 Low Jr/AO Jumper Classic.
Trainer William Barr saved Stricktly Business, barn named Karen, from being put down at a breeding facility. The breeder could no longer get her in foal and had no use for her. Barr took her and slowly brought her back into work after soundness issues. Karen, thirteen, seems grateful for the second chance and tries hard at any endeavor. Barr describes her as having the perfect temperament. He said she was a pleasant surprise, and he feels lucky to have her. "She has a home here for the rest of her life."

Heather Timm and Manuela Del Juncal
Photo: Anne Gittins


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