Littlewood's Winter Circuit Champions 2006

Littlewood's Winter Circuit concluded on February 5, 2006. Participants were blessed with temperatures in the high seventies during the day and sixties at night.

One of the nice touches was the complimentary buffet each Sunday afternoon. Onlookers sat under the tent by the jumper ring and feasted on hors d'oeuvres, entrees, desserts, and wine provided by the Grand Prix sponsor, and watched either that week's sponsored Grand Prix or the Dutta $5,000 Junior/AO Jumper Stake. The show schedules went smoothly. There was only one day of bad weather, February 4th. The footing was excellent, even through the puddles, and horses without caulks had no problems. The jumper ring usually finished before three o'clock with the hunter rings shortly following. The schooling area is quite large and gives riders room for maneuvering. The jumper ring also has new themed jumps this year which include jump standards of the Statue of Liberty, King Tut, and a spaceman from NASA.

Here is a list of the Littlewood Winter Circuit Champions and Special Award recipients:

Littlewood Winter Circuit‚s Grand Prix Winners
Margie Engle riding Canaille won the RV Sales of Broward $25,000 Grand Prix on January 8, 2206.
Kate Levy riding Mademoiselle won the Horse Valor $25,000Grand Prix January 15, 2006.
Federico Sztyrle riding Fatalis Fatum won the Palm Beach Toyota $25,000 Grand Prix on January 22, 2006.
Megan O‚Dwyer riding Clougherney Boy won the 100% Add Back Grand Prix Sunday January 29, 2005.

Kate Levy wins the $25,000 Horse Valor Ventures
Grand Prix on "Mademoiselle"

Federico Szyrtle on Fatalis Fatum winning Palm Beach Toyota’s $25K Grand Prix Prize
at Littlewood


FIRST YEAR GREEN HUNTER CHAMPION: Fiyero owned by Julie Kruger/ Ridden & trained by Sandy Ferrell
RESERVE: Darwin owned by Redfield Farm/ Ridden by Sandy Ferrell

SECOND YEAR GREEN HUNTER CHAMPION: Independence owned by Kimberly Dunn/ Ridden & trained by Sandy Ferrell
RESERVE: Late Entry owned by Mr & Mrs Ernest Oare/ Ridden by Sandy Ferrell

CONFORMATION HUNTER CHAMPION: From Day One owned by Bonnie Mandich/ Trained by Ronnie Beard
RESERVE: Grom Kiev owned by Carolyn Williams/ Ridden & trained by Kelley Farmer

REGULAR WORKING HUNTER CHAMPION: Eldridge T owned by Larry Glefke/ Ridden & trained by Kelley Farmer
RESERVE: Just James owned by Bonnie Mandich/ Trained by Ronnie Beard

AMATEUR OWNER HUNTER 18-35 CHAMPION: Kingston owned by Juliana Johnson/ Trained by Sandra Lobel
RESERVE: Select owned Kenzie Snyder/ Trained by Joanne Copeland

AMATEUR OWNER HUNTER 36 & Over CHAMPION: Trout Line owned by Teri Kessler/ Trained by Andre Dignelli
RESERVE: Acapella owned by Mary Jean King/ Trained by Rick Fancher

SMALL JUNIOR CHAMPION: Matilda owned and trained by Alex Jayne
RESERVE: Coffeetalk owned by Norgan Inc/ Trained by Morgan Thomas

LARGE JUNIOR CHAMPION: Keep The Faith owned by Linden Miller/ Trained by Pam Baker
RESERVE: Catch 22 Owned by Gigi Good/ Trained by Brook Lynn Wright

LEVEL 1 PREGREEN HUNTER CHAMPION: Destiny owned by Penelope Ayers/ Trained by Sandra Lobel
RESERVE: Closing Date owned by Aaron Menitoff/ Trained by Ronnie Beard

LEVEL 2 PREGREEN HUNTER CHAMPION: Brown Eyed Girl owned by Mr & Mrs Martin Schlaeppi/ Trained by Kitty Barker
RESERVE: Ocean Front owned by Stephanie Ingram/ Trained by Tom Wright

NON THOROBRED HUNTER CHAMPION: Overseas owned by Mindy Wurzburg/ Ridden and trained by Phoebe Sheets
RESERVE: St. Patrick owned by Allie O‚Brian/ Trained by Brad Spragg

THOROUGHBRED HUNTER CHAMPION: Swing Street owned by Adena Testa/ Ridden and trained by Elise Boyce
RESERVE: Jim Jam owned by Doug Mesker / Ridden and trained by Jim Giblin

BABY GREEN HUNTER CHAMPION: Union Station owned by Ulster/Gsa/ Ridden & trained by Ellen Raidt
RESERVE: Remarqueable owned by Jan Nichol/ Ridden & trained by Josee Stedding

ADULT AMATUER HUNTER 18-35 CHAMPION: Co-Star owned by Jordana Feldstein / Trained by Lisa Rex
RESERVE: Private Label owned by Hillcrest Farm/ Trained by Pam Baker

ADULT AMATUER HUNTER 36-45 CHAMPION: Showcase owned by Cheryl Rubenstein / Trained by Phoebe Sheets
RESERVE: Riesling owned by Cheryl Rubenstein / Trained by Phoebe Sheets

ADULT AMATUER HUNTER 46 & Over CHAMPION: Fileas owned by Beth Rogers/ Trained by Helen Varble
RESERVE: Denali owned by Jane Hosack/ Trained by Carol DeLacy

ADULT AMATEUR CHAMPION: Artex owned by Cynthia Zak/ Trained by Amy Foster
RESERVE: Overeasy owned by Wendy Saloman/ Trained by Jonathan Soresi

LOW ADULT HUNTER CHAMPION: Sol De Mayo owned by Laura Virginia/ Trained by Ellen Raidt
RESERVE: Fileas owned by Beth Rogers/ Trained by Helen Varble

CHILDEN'S HUNTER 15-17 CHAMPION: Cosmopolitan owned by Madison Goldman/ Trained by Brook Lynn Wright
RESERVE: Allegretto owned by Christianne Hawley/ Trained by Debra Ward

CHILDREN'S HUNTER 14 & UNDER CHAMPION: Savannah owned by Casey Green/ Trained by Lainie Wimberly
RESERVE: Sports Page owned by Lisa Cudahy/ Trained by Cookie Beck

LOW CHILDREN'S HORSE CHAMPION: Wait N‚ See owned by Amy Battaglia/ Trainer- Amy Foster

SMALL PONY CHAMPION: Mademoiselle owned by Ali Boone/ Trained by Alex Boone
RESERVE: My Little Dickens owned by Megan Davis/ Trained by Tim Goguen

MEDIUM PONY CHAMPION: All About Me owned by Megan Davis/ Trained by Tim Goguen
RESERVE: Light Up The Year owned by Katie Dinan/ Trained by Kate Oliver

LARGE PONY CHAMPION: Dancin' In The Rain owned by Hunters Pond/ Trained by Sharyn Cole
RESERVE: Sunkissed owned by Kym Ward/ Trained by Brigid Colvin

GREEN PONY CHAMPION: Diamonds N‚ Rust owned by Kibby Schipper/ Trained by Brigid Colvin
RESERVE: About Face owned by Mill Creek Ponies/ Trained by Ron Danta

CHILDREN'S PONY CHAMPION: Blue Moon‚s Glass Slipper owned by Maile Sackler/ Trainer Jan Golash
RESERVE: Little Black Olive owned by Jan Golash/ Trainer Jan Golash

ADULT EQUITATION CHAMPION: Page Tredenick/ Trained by Mindy Darst
RESERVE: Kayley Kloss/ Trained by Joy Kloss

15-17 EQUITATION CHAMPION: Gigi Good/ Trained by Brook Lynn Wright
RESERVE: Allison Menor/ Trained by Michele Blair

12-14 EQUITATION CHAMPION: Alicia Celentano/ Trained by Amy Foster
RESERVE: Morgan Hale/ Trained by Keith Powell

11 & UNDER EQUITATION CHAMPION: Victoria Colvin/ Trained by Brigid Colvin
RESERVE: Lauren Edwards/ Trained by Merrily Quincoces

CROSS RAILS EQUITATION CHAMPION: Martha Ingram/ Trained by Mindy Darst
RESERVE: Jackie Kaye/ Trained by Jane Fennessy

WALK TROT CHAMPION: Elizabeth Foster/ Trained by Lisa Foster
RESERVE: Hannah Patton/ Trained by Jane Fennessy

SHORT STIRRUP HUNTER CHAMPION: Star Dancer owned by Lexi Nara/ Trained by Brigid Colvin
RESERVE: Rain Maker and Hunter Garroway/ Trained by Brook Lynn Wright

SHORT STIRRUP EQUITATION CHAMPION: Hunter Garroway/ Trained by Brook Lynn Wright
RESERVE: Heather Paget-Brown/ Trained by Robin Butchard

AMATEUR OWNER JUMPER CHAMPION: Landessa 4 owned by Erika Pritz/ Trained by Ronnie Beard
RESERVE: Livorno owned by Neoma Sackler/ Trained by Jan Golash

JUNIOR JUMPER CHAMPION: Valente owned by Caroline Woods/ Trained by Wendy Hechler
RESERVE: Parcival owned by Jamie Gennari/ Trained by German Camargo

ADULT AMAUTEUR JUMPER CHAMPION: Tie- I Love Lucy owned by Marion Royer/ Trained by Alan Korotkin
CHAMPION Gigolo owned by Peg Nara/ Trained by Alan Korotkin
RESERVE Nikita owned by Hana Sackler/ Trained by Jan Golash

LOW ADULT JUMPER CHAMPION: Presley owned and trained by Lynn Fail
RESERVE: Kilowatt owned by Kate Cole/ Trained by Holly Hirschman

CHILDREN‚S JUMPER CHAMPION: Lucy In The Sky owned by Kaitlin Campbell/ Trained by Patti Miller
RESERVE: Quitto II owned by Anders Keitz/ Trained by Jane Fennessy

LOW CHILDREN‚S JUMPER CHAMPION: Partizan ridden by Megan Tessaro/ Trained by Pablo Gamboa
RESERVE: Justice owned by Danielle Glass/ Trained by Patti Foster

PONY JUMPER CHAMPION: Good Fortune owned by Claudia Easton/ Trained by Joanne Copeland
RESERVE: Patriots No Boundaries ridden by Abby Westmark/ Trained by Jan Westmark

Perpetual Trophies
Megan Morency Memorial Trophy- Awarded to the Circuit Champion Children's Jumper
2006- recipient- Lucy In The Sky and Kaitlin Campbell

Evelyn Byron Memorial Trophy- Presented as an overall Circuit Sportsmanship award
2006 recipient- Sandy Ferrell

Bo Radke Memorial Trophy- Awarded to the Circuit‚s Leading Trainer
2006 recipient- Brook Lynn Wright

The Garroway Family Perpetual Trophy- Awarded to the Circuit Champion for Walk-Trot
2006 recipient- Elizabeth Foster

Special Circuit Recognitions:
Awarded to From Day One owned by Bonnie Mandich

Awarded to Brook Lynn Wright

Awarded to Good Fortune owned by Claudia Easton

Awarded to Sol De Mayo and Laura Virginia

Awarded to Union Station and Ellen Raidt

Awarded to Matilda and Alex Jayne

Awarded to Blue Moon‚s Glass Slipper and Maile Sackler

Awarded to Co-Star and Jordana Feldstein

Awarded to Showcase and Cheryl Rubenstein

Awarded to Fileas and Beth Rogers

Awarded to Page Tredennick

Awarded to Cosmopolitan and Gigi Good

Awarded to Partizan and Megan Tessaro

Awarded to Trout Line and Teri Kessler

Awarded to Star Dancer and Lexi Nara

Awarded to Dancin' In The Rain and Maggie Gampfer

Awarded to R Lawn & The Raflowitz Family

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