USEF Announces 2005 Eventing Winter Training List

Lexington, KY—

The United States Equestrian Federation is pleased to announce the riders named to the 2005 Winter Training List. This list is recommended by the USET Eventing Selectors and represents the horse/rider combinations they feel will most benefit the High Performance program by working with Captain Mark Phillips and other selected dressage and show jumping coaches. The riders named to this list are as follows:

RIDER                                               HORSE(S)
Stuart Black                                          Fleeceworks Blackout
Nathalie Bouckaert                            West Farthing
Stephen Bradley                                 Joshua
Darren Chiacchia                               Windfall 2
William S. Coleman III                       Second Hope
Anna Collier (WC)                               Leopold
Mara DePuy                                         Good Stuff
Rebecca Douglas                              Courageous Comet
Will Faudree                                         Antigua
Robyn Fisher (WC)                             Le Samurai
Jessica Heideman (WC)                   French Twist
Holly Hepp                                            Damien
Molly Hooper                                        Kiltartan
           *Jennifer Libby                                Draco
Gina Miles (WC)                                  McKinlaigh
Bonnie Mosser                                     Jenga
J. Michael Pollard                                 S.S. Jett
Kimberly Severson                               Royal Venture, Winsome Adante
Jan Thompson                                      Task Force
          **Amy Tryon (WC)                               My Beau, Poggio, Woodstock
Heidi White                                            Northern Spy
John Williams                                       Carrick or Sloopy
Cricket Worthen                                    Broadstone Whitehall
            (WC) indicates a west coast horse/rider combination.
*Jennifer Libby and Draco have been invited to participate in the 2005 Winter Training List training sessions based on their performance at the 2004 NAYRC.
**Amy Tryon may ride all 3 horses if riding on the west coast or any 2 horses if riding on the east coast.

Ranked Alternates
1st        Stuart Black                             Fleeceworks Starlight
2nd      Nathalie Bouckaert                 Everest
3rd       Amy Barrington                        Platinum
4th        Linden Wiesman                    Primitive Gold

Riders on the 2005 Winter Training List are invited to participate in 2005 Winter Training List Training Sessions with Capt. Mark Phillips, bringing their horse(s) named to the List. These Training Sessions are tentatively scheduled for the following days at the locations indicated: 
            January 26-28              Winter Training List                  Ocala, FL
            February 3-5                Winter Training List                  Southern Pines/Aiken
            February 6-7                Winter Training List                  Seattle, WA
            February 7-9                Winter Training List                  Temecula, CA
            February 15-18            Winter Training List                  Ocala, FL
            February 28-March 3   Winter Training List                  Southern Pines/Aiken
            March 15-16                Winter Training List                  Southern Pines/Aiken
            March 24-26                Winter Training List                  West Coast
            March 19-30                Winter Training List                  Morven Park
            April 5-6                      Winter Training List                  North Georgia


The United States Equestrian Federation Inc.(USEF), as the National Equestrian Federation of the U.S., is the regulatory body for the Olympic and World Championship sports of dressage, driving, endurance, eventing, reining, show jumping, and vaulting, as well as 19 other breeds and disciplines of equestrian competition. As the country’s largest multi-breed organization, the Federation has over 80,000 members and recognizes more than 2,800 competitions nationwide each year. It governs all aspects of competition, including educating and licensing all judges, stewards, and technical delegates who officiate at these shows.


The vision of the United States Equestrian Federation is to provide leadership for equestrian sport in the United States of America, promoting the pursuit of excellence from the grass roots to the Olympic Games, based on a foundation of fair, safe competition and the welfare of its horses, and embracing this vision, to be the best national equestrian federation in the world.

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